Saturday, September 13, 2014

An EZ morning.

September 13, 2014.
Rain in San Antonio last night, and a cool front.  For the rain, we thank God. This morning I awoke to an outside temperature of 64 deg. F. with low humidity and grey skies. Big change from the 100+ days we've been having. This is the first morning with starting temps below 78 since last spring. The pool water this morning is at 81 deg. F., down from 88 just yesterday, big change. Still, the water felt very good for my morning laps. The outside air was bracing as I exited the water. My towel that had been hung on the outside line was still damp from the rain, as was my swimsuit (not that I wear one when I swim alone.) It's been a turbulent week for the family, and perhaps I'll be able to write about it soon. But not now. Now, I am going to sit on the patio under the oaks, listen to the wind chimes, enjoy the cool air, and be still and know that He is God.