Friday, September 21, 2018

Beyond not EZ to hard -- losing friends from this life.

I got heartbreaking news this morning that my high-school best friend, Ronald Hardy Estep, has passed from a massive heart attack. Ron shared birthdays with Glenda, delivered by the same doctor in the old Magic Valley Memorial Hospital in Twin Falls on February 19, 1950, and was my absolute best friend thru school and some years beyond. Ron was a runner before it was popular and would regularly push me to run until I dropped (I was always the slow, fat, kid). He said that pushing his body to the limits of endurance made him feel more alive than anything else. He always pushed me to perform better--physically, academically, and socially. I served as his campaign manager when he won election to the student body presidency for our senior year. He and I performed a stand-up comic routine together for a high-school Junior Year talent show. Ron was my straight man. We also performed a cover of Paul Revere and the Raiders hit, "Kicks," at the Senior Year talent show, with Ron on lead guitar, me on bass. I don't remember who our drummer was. In 1971, I performed a speaking role in the stage play Ron produced and directed as his Idaho State University drama class year-end project. He still managed a passing grade! A graduate of Idaho State University, he became a high school history teacher and tennis coach and later a school administrator in Couer d' Alene, Idaho. He and his wife, Sandy, joined the LDS church as adults and together they raised a large family. He did not attend the recent Valley High School reunion in Idaho as he and Sandy were serving a mission in Detroit. I feel like he'd still be pushing me to be better. RIP, Ron. I will miss you.