Saturday, May 23, 2015

Apple vs Google -- EZ? No.

I am very frustrated and angry this morning and I need to vent somewhere, so here it is - ignore if you wish:

I have had a habit of starting my morning with some simple yoga-like stretches and exercises. To help with motivation and avoid distraction, I've played a yoga-meditation music video from YouTube through my Apple TV device through the TV in my den. As of this morning, I can't do that. Why? Because YouTube has changed their API interface and Apple is not going to support the new standard unless you have a NEW Apple device. My Apple TV device is a couple of years old. While it can still play Netflix and a bunch of other free and pay stuff, the only regular use this one got was my Yoga music video. Here is the downside to the "Cloud." The vendors can change the rules, remove functionality, at any time they choose to do so, and we, the paying consumer are....well, let me just say helpless. I am perfectly happy to buy new devices when I NEED to upgrade or choose to add new functionality. I'm not happy to have functionality taken away from a device I paid for because of the calculated decision of the vendor. Imagine Google saying, "Oh, that self-driving car you paid $50,000 for--it will no longer drive on county highways. State and Federal roads only. I think I'm done with new technology. I'm definitely done with You Tube (Google) and Apple. The next devices I buy, if any, won't have any relationship to either company. Google has had a lot of my life--including this Blogspot. Apple has gotten a lot of my money. I'll respect my current contracts, but I won't be renewing any Apple or Google contracts. I'll do without Email or pay someone for the service before I'll continue my association with them.