Sunday, April 30, 2017

It would be EZ to ignore these thoughts

This sabbath morning has me in an introspective mood.

Opus asked, 'Ever feel like a dandelion in your own lawn?'

I had a medical procedure done a couple of weeks ago that caused me to leave the clinic with an industrial-strength band aid on my upper leg. The band aid was removed after a few days, but, even now, I have a grey, sticky residue still on my leg where the band aid had been. I see it every morning when I shower, scrub at it a bit, and think, “I need to get some hand lotion or nail polish remover and see if I can remove that gunk.” Then I finish bathing, dry, and dress. My garments cover the stain and so I forget it. It's not uncomfortable, tugging hairs or such. Out of sight out of mind. And I wonder.

In covering this smudge with my garments and over clothing, am I “putting on the whole armor of God?” Or am I using the covering as pride to cover my filthiness? Is there an allegory here that I should ponder? If the spot weren't covered, I'd see it, remember it, and deal with it. But I don't, so next morning's shower, there it will still be.

Does the act of uncovering ourselves physically have a spiritual component? Can we become more pure when our realities are not hidden? Should I relate this sticky spot on my upper leg to my lack of obedience to certain Word of Wisdom teachings? Is that what confession is really all about, becoming spiritually naked being good for the soul, even when confessing things that are considered inconsequential? Is getting naked physically similar in allowing us to deal with other issues that may be hidden? Could people of similar disposition find strength and peace by sharing and confessing together, naked both figuratively and literally?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mind maps can make journaling more EZ

I've started journaling. As in hand-written entries to a notebook. We'll see how long I can keep that up. Just that simple act may make my blog entries even more sporadic. I've selected a "theme" for my journaling: Wellness. And my intent is to write regularly (if not daily) about actions taken to support my Wellness mind map:

I started journaling on April 13th of this year (2017). I've written on four days since then, today included. Wish me luck!