Monday, January 25, 2010

Slamming! Call the FCC.

OK, AT&T, I've about had it. Every month now for several months some unauthorized third party is hijacking some part of my phone service and charging me $20 - $30 for essentially nothing. This has happened repeatedly on both my home account and my business account. No one except me is authorized to make changes to my phone service. I have NOT authorized any changes. Now, this morning, I cannot place a long-distance call but get a recording referring me to a known scam phone number.

Understand this, AT&T: If this happens just one more time, you have lost me. I will change to VOIP at both locations where the hijacking cannot happen. I do understand that the FCC requires you to make your lines available to anyone and to act as a billing agent for them. I do NOT understand how and why you allow changes to be made to my service without my written authorization when I have asked repeatedly that slamming locks be placed on my account. I am tired of spending hours each month dealing with the problems.

On my most recent call, "Monica" with AT&T promises to fix the problem. We shall see. The FCC regulations authorize me to "lock" my account so no changes can be made without my written approval. Why has this been so hard to accomplish.

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Jenn said...

I love my phone set up right now. I never thought I could survive without a cell phone but I LOVE that my phone is quite literally hands-off. I never have to call anyone about my service, I never have an outage, I never have overages of minutes or texts. Love it!