Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Some parts of aging actually are EZ.

While sorting 50-years' worth of old family photos I came across my wife's baby book. First seeing it, noticing it was blue and labeled "1950," I got really excited thinking it was mine -- I never knew I had one. I probably didn't. While we never went hungry my parents were dirt poor and a baby book was probably a luxury out of their reach. No worries, I had milk, blankets, and clean nappies. In the section where the parent records baby's notable progress at various stages, there are all the usuals: weight and height, first word, first step, immunizations, first minor injury, and so forth. A notable entry: "Age 2 1/2 favorite toy: She loves to play with Tupperware." So not much has changed. Glenda still loves her Tupperware and I still have milk, blankets, and clean nappies!

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