Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Local control may not be EZ but is worth it.

The Washington Post recently ran an article titled, When a Deep Red Town's Only Grocery Closed, City Hall Opened Its Own Store. Just Don't Call It 'Socialism.'


The thrust of the article is the irony of this conservative stronghold employing socialism to allow their community to survive. Surely these "salt of the earth" deplorables must hate having their local governemnt involved in what has traditionally been a private enterprise. If they don't, then shame on them, seems to be the voice in the article, for not supporting Basic Minimum Income, Wealth Redistribution, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal.

What the author (and editor) and the far left in general seem to miss, completely, is the key word "Local."

Our nation has a long and proud history of neighbors helping neighbors and running communal institutions to do that. My father and grandfather in the late 19th and through the mid-20th century were members of local agricultural co-operatives. Most unions started as local organizations of workers. Conservatives are not against neighbor helping neighbor.

What conservatives DON'T want is for bureaucrats in a far-off national capital telling them what they must do, how to do it, and punishing them with taxes or worse if they don't toe the line. Conservatives want local goals, actions, and control.

It wasn't hard to understand in 1890. I don't know why it isn't EZ to understand today.

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