Saturday, November 16, 2019

Making movies is not EZ.

Went to see Ford vs Ferrari last night. Really an excellent movie. Very intense, especially in IMAX. The surround sound made you really feel "there." The movie is a techical tour de force. Filmed in California and Georgia, each lap of the 8-mile Le Mans track viewed in the movie meant that a car traveled from California to Georgia and back. Excellent use of physical and CGI special effects. Matt Damon owns the part of Carroll Shelby. I recall seeing TV interviews with Texan Shelby and with Brit Ken Miles back in the '60s. Obviously, Damon and Bale have watched those interviews, too. An interesting note was Jon Bernthal as Lee Iococca. It would be neat to see Iococca's reaction to the Mach-E if he were still around (note: he died in July of this year.) I also thought that Caitonia Balfe did a wonderful job playing Ken's wife, Mollie. Behind every great man stands a very patient woman. These actors brought the vision to life, but that vision belongs to the director, James Mangold, and all I can say, is Thank God someone had the money to let him bring that vision to the screen. There is a little profanity used, but it fits in so naturally with the characters and the situations that my dear wife didn't even notice (Rated PG-13).

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